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LENT - Give up & Take up

posted May 6, 2014, 7:33 AM by Church of the Risen Christ   [ updated May 6, 2014, 7:48 AM ]
When I was a child, Lent was taught to me as a time to give up my favourite things, so I could appreciate what my blessings are and be more understanding of other children who are less fortunate than me. As the years have gone by, have our understanding of Lent deepened? May be it is still giving up something, like habits that do not make us healthier or a better person, to improve our self-control and discipline. To give up whatever has been most harmful to us, to our relationship with those we care about, to our relationship with our God. Let our hunger remind us that we should not depend on things of this world.

Whatever we choose to do, perhaps this time, let us do so with the right intentions. Let’s look at Lent as a spiritual journey out of sin and into the Kingdom of Heaven, just like Israel’s exodus from Egypt towards the Holy Land. It was a journey wrought with many difficulties, at times great doubt and fear, just as we would be tempted many times during Lent to remain stubborn or give up.

Let us take an active approach this Lenten season, make use of our talents and our time to do something that we’ve been delaying for so long. It’s not about us, but about the other person, bringing them what they need most, a loving gesture, a helping hand or a peace offering. Reach out to the people whom we’ve avoided or can’t bring ourselves to approach, begin a self- reflection as to what’s been stopping us from being kinder or less defensive.

Let’s take up a new habit, one that could help us deepen our faith and renew our approach to being a Christian, to prepare ourselves better to live our baptismal promises and to be ready to receive God’s grace. [20140401]