Aflame! - Charismatic Prayer

The Risen Christ Charismatic Prayer Group was founded in 1977 and we have been continuously giving praise and worship to Our Lord since then. In 2010, the group was renamed Aflame - Risen Christ Charismatic Prayer Community to reflect the members' commitment to be faithful disciples and witnesses of Jesus and to grow together as a body of Christ.

During prayer meetings on Mondays at 7.30pm we worship and glorify God through praise and worship, breaking of Word, teaching, exercising of charism, prayer for healing, testimonies and intercession. Every first Monday the community celebrates mass together. Every Wednesday at 7.30pm, our intercessors pray for the needs of those who request for prayers and a trained praying team is available at 8.30pm for counseling and ministering.
Bible cell groups meet regularly to share the Word of God. Outreach includes Life in the Spirit Seminar, retreats, rallies, mass with healing prayer, mission to the poor, formation programs, overseas conferences etc.The Charismatic Prayer Community conducts their prayer meetings every Mondays at 7.30 pm in the Parish Hall. There will be lively praise and worship, sharing of scripture, ministering, testimonies, petitions and fellowship. All are welcome.

The Charismatic Prayer Community also offers intercessory, ministering and counseling support on Wednesdays. Parishioners are invited to deposit their prayer requests into the petitions box located outside the parish hall or email to

Role of Ministry
To guide Catholics to a closer personal relationship with God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and to the fullness of Christian life lived in the power of the Holy Spirit; and to evangelise to all people and lead them to interior renewal.

Who can join
Everyone is welcome to pray with us
Email your requests for intercessory prayer to
Frequency of meeting

Day & Time of Meeting
Monday, 7.30 pm
Parish Hall

Leader / Representative
Jessica Francisco

Helena Law