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Board of Wardens

The Board works in co-operation with the priests of the Parish of Risen Christ, and in ensuring the orderliness of parishioners during each Eucharistic celebration.
Role of Ministry
To assist in the collection of Love Offering and ensure Holy Communion is well received by parishioners at each Eucharistic celebration.

Assist the Priests in management of any major Archdiocese Eucharistic celebration that would be celebrated in the parish. To manage the parish car park, where motor vehicles are parked orderly at specific mass time of each weekend.
Who can join
Any Catholic with sound moral character and who is committed to serve the Lord are welcome to join the Board of Wardens, preferably a member of the parish. He/she must be dedicated and willing to undertake the roles and duties of a warden.
Frequency of Meeting

Day & Time of Meeting
2nd Monday of every month, 8.00 pm

Leader / Representative
Celestian Bangar