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Christus Laudatur Voce


CLVC brings together youths and adults with a love for singing; whilst glorifying God through our music, which includes both contemporary and classical pieces. This vibrant choir partakes in the Sunset Mass on Saturdays, and has evangelized in events like Shine Jesus Shine, in the album Ave Maria 2 with Fr Patrick Massang (Redemptorist) and in the exhibition "Journey of Faith" at the Asian Civilisations Museum. Other activities include choir camps/retreats, vocal & cantor training/workshops, praise & worship, outdoor games, singing competition, jamming sessions, caroling at establishments, homes and for charity.
Role of Ministry
To guide and inspire the congregation through Liturgical Music leading to the glorification of God.
Who can join
Anyone above 16 years old.
Frequency of meeting

Day & Time of Meeting
Saturday, 4.00 pm - 6.00 pm
St. Cecilia's Room

Leader / Representative