Sodality of St Joseph

The Sodality of St Joseph's main focus is to offer prayers for the souls of deceased Catholics at funeral wakes. This service is also extended to prayer calls from Catholics outside of the Risen Christ parish, upon request. The services offered by the group are not chargeable; only reimbursement of transportation charges for areas outside Toa Payoh.

Role of Ministry
To offer spiritual support at the funeral wakes.

Who can join
Any Catholic.
Demise of Parishioner
The Sodality of St Joseph Prayer Group assist our Priests in ministering to parishioners who have lost a loved one.

On the demise of a parishioner, the family should immediately contact the Parish Secretariat which will then liaise with the Priests and Sodality of St Joseph Prayer Group to do the needful. (The family is advised to make arrangements directly with the relevant parties for casket services and funeral hall facility)

The Sodality of St Joseph Prayer Group will also be available to lead nightly prayers at the funeral wake. The service is also extended to request from Catholics outside of the parish.

The service rendered by the Group is free of charge, except when transport charges are incurred at funeral wakes held outside of the Toa Payoh vicinity.In such a case, the family would be advised of the transport charges beforehand, and any reimbursement or payment received by the Group would be paid to the transport provider.
Frequency of meeting

Day & Time of meeting
Every 3rd Thurs, 8.00 pm

Leader / Representative
Eugene Tan Ewe Soon