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Neighbourhood Christian Communities

GroupVenueMtg DatesCoodinator
Ave Maria  Braddell Hill 2nd&4th Mon Emily  
Amazing Grace TP North Fri monthly Josephine 
Anne TP Lor 1 1st Fri Marienisa 
Benedict TP Lor 2 3rd Thu Shanti 
Bethany TP Lor 1&2 Fri monthly Evelyn 
Bernadette Oleander Towers 3rd Fri Sylvia 
Ephesus TP Lor 7 2nd Fri Shanti 
Emmanuel TP Lor 8 1st & 3rd Sat Chris 
Galilee Bishan St 13 Wed monthly Briagatte 
Genesis Bishan St 13 Fri Agnes 
God's Children Bishan St 12 2nd/4th Fri Eva 
Magnificat  Braddell View 1st Sat  Florence/Ernest  
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