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Video study series “A Quick Journey Through the Bible” by Jeff Cavins

posted Nov 1, 2013, 9:32 PM by Clement Tong

Dates: Sats, 16, 23 Feb & 2, 9 March 2013

Suns, 17, 24 Feb & 3, 10 March 2013 (parallel run)

Time: 2pm to 3.30pm

Venue: Auditorium

All are welcome. This program is specially planned so that parents can conveniently attend on Saturday or Sunday while waiting for their children who are attending Catechism classes. Attend either Saturday or Sunday screenings, which are run in parallel. No registration required.
Jeff Cavins takes a chronological walk through the Bible story in a way that reveals God’s plan for His Creation; what went wrong in the beginning; and how God worked through history to reconcile His lost children to Himself while building His Kingdom. This study is designed to give you a brief overview of salvation history, from Genesis through the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the establishment of the Catholic Church. You will learn about the spiritual benefits of Bible study and how to enter deeper into “His-story” as you begin your study of the Scriptures.