Regardless of Race, Gender & Position

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20 August 2017 ( 20 th Sunday in Ordinary Time )

Paul is sad that his fellow Jews have not accepted God’s gift of salvation: Jesus Christ. Their rejection of Jesus had led to His crucifixion & death. The gift of salvation through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross was now freely available to anyone. As Paul saw many gentiles accepting Jesus, how he hoped that his fellow Jews were doing the same! Do we have same desire for our loved ones, relatives & friends who have yet to know& accept Christ? In today’s Gospel, we see Jesus test a gentile woman to see if she was earnest in receiving a gift of deliverance - from a Holy God. The Gentile woman’s persistent & willing to suffer rebuff in order to obtain healing for her child. No one who seeks Jesus in earnest & sincere faith was ever refused His help. Jesus accepts anyone who seeks, loves & obey him, regardless of race, gender & position. As Christians, are we holy, loving, forgiving, fair & honest? If we are not, we can’t say that we have accepted Jesus as our Lord & Saviour. Can we?

We Serve A Living, Loving & Almighty God !

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13 August 2017 ( 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time )

Isn’t it heartening to know we can count on God’s unconditional love, faithfulness & care to help us in our walk of life? Elijah was fleeing from Queen Jezebel who wanted to revenge the deaths of the prophets of Baal. God manifested his powers over the elements & showed Elijah who should be feared instead. God also gave Elijah instructions with ramifications for the royal house of Israel. Peter did walked on the water. However, after having noticed the wind, he began to sink (Matthew 14: 30). As we make efforts to grow in our faith in Jesus, do we allow the vicious winds & the deep dark sea of our world to shake our faith in Him? At moments of our darkest nights, do we, like Peter, reach out to our Lord & hold Him firmly? Every time fumbling Peter fell, he rose again - with Jesus’s help. His failures only made him love & trust the Lord more deeply. Let us cling & fix our steady gaze on Jesus, our Model of Holiness & pride ourselves only in Him! Remember, we serve a Living, Loving & Almighty God!

Significance of the Transfiguration

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6 August 2017 ( Transfiguration of the Lord )

In His glorified form, Peter, James & John had a glimpse of the divinity of Jesus, a preview of His coming glorification and enthronement as King of Kings (Daniel 7: 10). The Transfiguration gave His inner circle the reassurance to cope with the shock of His crucifixion & death. It later became a faith nurturing event for the rest of their lives. The appearance of Moses & Elijah’s is significant. Moses represented true Judaism and Elijah, the Law & the Prophets. Both of them recognised and adored our Lord Jesus. For the second time, God our Heavenly Father proclaimed Jesus as His only-gotten and beloved Son and asked us to listen to Him. Indeed, Jesus is God-Man, the Messiah & Ultimate Saviour; the fulfilment of the countless prophecies in the scriptures & the Law. God sent Jesus into this world to save us. Are we listening to & heeding the words & teachings of Jesus - as we should? Bear in mind that we’ll face Him at the end of our time. Like it or not, Jesus will be our Judge! (Matthew 25: 31-33). What will you say to Him?

Seek The Treasure That Awaits

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30 July 2017 ( Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time )

This Sunday’s readings will begin with the book of the Kings where we see King Solomon’s request for wisdom and concludes with the summation of the Lord’s teaching on parables. Solomon didn’t neglect God’s offer. Instead he made a pious request to God. He readily laid hold of this offer. When God says ask it shall be given to you but he expects us to ask reasonably, according to his mind and not selfishly. The epistle to the Romans in the second reading reminds us that: “By turning everything to their good God cooperates with all those who love him...” “The hand of God is at the helm. He’s steering us through the storms of life towards our eternal home in heaven. However we must keep in mind that the allegiance of love to God supersedes everything else. In today’s Gospel Jesus reminds us that the Kingdom of Heaven is also life insurance against death. "Whoever believes in me, even though he die, shall live," said Jesus. However, we do not need to pay the price of the treasure or the pearl but rather we only need to be worthy of them at the end.

God the loving gardener

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23 July 2017 ( Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time )

Our God knows our weaknesses and comes to us with his help in mercy and forgiveness when we repent and remain faithful to Him. Wisdom in the First Reading extols God as a caring Father and just judge: “You never judge unjustly. Your justice has its source in strength; your sovereignty over all makes you lenient over all.” This is the nature of our God, the just judge who overlooks our sins fulfilling the words of the psalmist “O Lord, you are good and forgiving.” The Letter to the Romans highlighted one very important ministry of the Holy Spirit in our lives. As finite and frail beings, there are times in life when we cannot help ourselves. The Holy Spirit reminds us of our weakness and allows us to reconcile with God through the sacrament of reconciliation. In the Gospel today, the illustration of the parable of the weed and the darnel parallels what St Augustine says in City of God, saints striving towards virtue and sinners struggling to combat sin. Our Lord knows exactly how to deal with each of us accordingly come harvest time.

We Cannot Be Deaf To His Call

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16 July 2017 ( Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time )

God pours His word upon us like a rainstorm and drenches us with His word. The prophet Isaiah in the first reading says that the Word is what we need to do His work and it is the Word that draws us back to Him as the people embraced Him. The Word is both incarnate and living as such we want to do God’s will because we long to be a part of his plan with every fiber of our bodies. In the second reading from the Letter to the Romans, we groan within ourselves with the desire to have God in our lives, and with the desire to make God real in the lives of others. Sometimes we refuse to make God’s Word the guide of our lives. We cannot allow the busyness of our lives to shut out His voice and choke His presence, we need to be good soil cultivating His presence and serving Him at all times. We cannot allow the other concerns around us choke off his Presence within us. We cannot allow ourselves to become deaf to His Call for us today.

The End of Inner Turmoil

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9 July 2017 ( Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time )

The prophet Zechariah opens with these words in the first reading: “Rejoice heart and soul, daughter of Zion!” he assures them of the end of wars with the banishment of chariots and horses from Ephraim and Jerusalem. The war that ends is the war within. The epistle to the Romans speaks of the end of war between the spirit and the flesh. By flesh in the letter, it means the radical opposition of the materialistic world as opposed to Christ. We give in to the flesh when we engage in actions devoid of Christ. We are all stronger than these temptations because we have Christ’s salvific power. He will bring an end to this war and grant us peace. Jesus in today’s Gospel assures us of the end of inner turmoil. All vain ambitions fade, all anger and bitter passion soften and all idle pursuits are driven far from our hearts. The yoke that burdened us, the rod of our taskmaster, is smashed and it is replaced by the light and easy yoke of love. “Come to me all you who labour and are overburdened and I will give you rest.”

Working For God’s Kingdom

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2 July 2017 ( Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time )

The work of the Kingdom is one that doesn’t allow the weight of human attachment to frustrate the reign of God. It is one that dies to sin and pride allowing God’s will to be at the helm of our lives. God’s work requires us to be present to others and give of ourselves to one another just as Elisha in the first Reading today was present to the woman in Shunem whose house he frequented for fellowship, he was never too busy with his own affairs to be fully present to her. In giving of ourselves to God’s work we emulate the words of St Paul in today’s second reading “through baptism we were buried with Christ in order to share His death”. St Matthew presents to us how those who take up the work of God would end up finding their lives. The only reason for the work of the Kingdom is Jesus himself. To follow Jesus in doing God’s work is to sign a death warrant and the only reason for persevering in this work is Him.

Be not afraid

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25 June 2017 ( Twelfth Sunday in ordinary times )

Being misunderstood, accused of wrongdoing when we believe it is truly the right thing to do, marginalized or prosecuted for being different from the majority, are all frightening and devastating experiences. Instinctively we may try to protect ourselves and try to blend in with the majority. So how could we live our belief in this “light” that Jesus speaks of, amongst so many who may be different from us? Today’s gospel proclaims that Jesus sends us out to accomplish His will. The proclamation of the gospel is a tremendous task, it exposes us to potential suspicion, ridicule and even persecution. However, God tells us that ultimately the truth will be revealed to all. When we stand up for the weak and defenseless, when we stand up against petty interests and selfish privileges, we uncover more of all that is a rejection of God’s commandment to love. Jesus urges us not to fear those who ‘kill the body but cannot kill the soul’, to know that we are much more than the sparrows, that God will give us the grace of fearlessness.

One Bread. One Body

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18 June 2017 ( Solemnity of the Body & Blood of Christ )

“We, many though we are, are one body for we all partake of the one loaf”. We partake in the Eucharist together, yet how come it often feels we are “one body” with just a few? We remain selective in our regard for one another. Jesus is not a God to be admired from afar, He came down to our level, became one of us and then gave himself totally to us. “This is my body, given for you.” Is that not the greatest love of all? We go through each day trying to do our little bit, sometimes failing, sometimes succeeding, in our struggles as Moses asked, what was our intention? God brings us food unknown to many, one that brings everlasting life. What privilege! Each time we partake in Holy Communion, we have the opportunity to pledge ourselves anew, not only to Christ but to each other, to become a single people sharing one destiny. As St. Augustine said “Be a member of the body of Christ so that our Amen will be true.”

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