Prepare for change

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10 December 2017 ( 2ND SUNDAY OF ADVENT )
Prepare for change
Are we ready for our transformation? We’ve all read about John the Baptist, heard his cry to get ready for the coming of the Lord. Having been baptized with water, a symbol that we have been cleansed, to give ourselves a chance to start anew. So what kind of changes have we made? As Peter said, the day of the Lord will come like a thief, hence we can’t afford to procrastinate. What sort of person ought we to be? How should we conduct ourselves? In holiness and devotion? Perhaps we can take a leaf out of John the Baptist’s book, by beginning with honesty, humility and simplicity. John was not afraid to state the hard truths. He always pointed out that there will be one mightier than him coming after him, and did not take advantage of the people mistaking him to be a prophet. He lived simply, purely for the Lord. Let us together, find ways to encourage one another to walk the straight path that John tried to lay for us, in preparation for our Lord’s coming.

Keep Awake !

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3 December 2017 ( 1ST SUNDAY OF ADVENT )
Keep Awake !
Advent calls us to prepare for the Lord. The liturgy underlines this waiting. We are urged to stay alert and vigilant, to keep awake for the coming of the Lord. If we are alert, we can find the Lord in the ordinary activities and possibilities of life. If we look at all creation, we see God reflected, when the flowers of the earth blooms, the birds of the sky singing, a smile from a stranger, witness God’s awesome creation. To meet the Lord, we must be prepared for everything that life has to offer. To live life to the fullest, not lacking in any spiritual gift, with the Lord keeping us firm to the end. Advent is the countdown time for the celebration of Christmas, a reminder to the constant coming of Christ in our lives. When we prepare ourselves for Christmas, Jesus comes through loud and clear, in striving to be pure of heart & mind, be obedient to God’s teachings, serve the church and the people of God, give time to God in prayer and thanksgiving. So stay awake!

The Real Big Boss

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26 November 2017 ( Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of The Universe )
The Real Big Boss
Bad things do happen, many times; wars, spiraling crime & immorality, economic recessions, natural & man-made disasters. We feel sad & hopeless when relationships crumble, families are broken up & loved ones are snatched away through diseases & accidents. As today is Solemnity of Christ the King, let's reflect on who really is in control. For God so loved us, he send his son Jesus Christ, who became man and took upon himself the punishment of our sins. Jesus conquered sin & death so that we can be with God in paradise forever. Jesus Christ is King of this world & the Universe. At the end of time, all powers will be removed and all mankind will be brought before him to be judged. Indeed, "God raised him high, and gave him the name which is above all other names, so that all beings in the heavens, on earth & in the underworld, should bend the knee at the name of Jesus & that every tongue should acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord, to the glory of God the Father". The righteous will enter paradise, not because of their own works, but because they have done God's will - by responding & being faithful to Jesus.

The Importance of Being Faithful ... to God

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19 November 2017 ( 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time )

In today’s readings, we see the importance of being faithful to God and his expectation of us - in our roles, commitments, responsibilities and duties. Being faithful have serious implications when we remember that at the end of our time, we will have to render an account of our lives to a Holy God. In Proverbs, the Capable Wife is notably praised for honouring God, over her capability, works, beauty and charm. Her disposition towards God made her trustworthy. In the 2 nd reading, we’re reminded to be faithful and vigilant always, for the coming of the Lord will happen unexpectedly. In today’s gospel, the servants each received different amounts of monies. The first two servants were faithful & responsible. They promptly traded and multiplied the monies originally given to them. Both were rewarded by their Master, for being faithful rather than being successful. However, the 3 rd servant hid the money and gave some excuses for not doing anything with it. He was denounced as being wicked and lazy. His unfaithful service led to his condemnation, removal of stewardship and an eternity of misery, away from God’s presence.

Be truly prepared

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12 November 2017 ( 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time )

The Parable of the Ten Young Woman describe the return of Jesus and the bridegroom is Jesus Christ himself. The five women with the extra oil represent authentic followers of Christ who conduct their lives according to His will. No matter what happens, be it having to wait a lengthy time or through trying circumstances, they’ll look to His coming with eagerness. The five women without the extra oil represent false believers who are preoccupied with the externals of being a Christian, not truly loving Christ and doing what he requires. When Jesus returned unexpectedly, these women hoped that their association with the true believers would save them (v8: give us some of your oil). Unfortunately, the oil could not be shared. Each person will be held accountable for their individual choice. Being ready for Christ’s return ultimately involves one major decision which manifests itself in several areas of our lives - accepting Christ as our God and doing his will in our lives. Decide now to fill your lamp with the oil of his saving grace, and bring along the extra oil of holy living and giving. Then, keep watch with joy and perseverance!

Shepherds and followers of Christ

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5 November 2017 ( 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time )

The 2nd Reading displays a beautiful example of Paul’s love for Christ and concern for his flock. Bearing in mind the revelation of Christ’s divinity and the mission entrusted to him, Paul was not interested in getting praises or approvals from others . His heart and mind were focused on the spiritual needs of the new Christian community. He was gentle, nurturing and was even willing to give up his life for them, if necessary. He toiled day and night to avoid troubling them and encouraged them by his exemplary Godly life. Compare Paul’s attitude to that of the Teachers of the Law and the Pharisees Jesus warned against in today’s Gospel. The sad contrast shows the importance of having a personal conviction and a close relationship with Jesus. In today’s Gospel, Jesus highlights the path of holiness. First, a humble adherence to authority and second an avoidance of sin and to do what is right always. The role models and shepherds in our lives may shine or fall, may come and go but remember Jesus Christ is the True Shepherd, the Alpha and the Omega. Anchor your faith and trust in Him!

Love of Neighbour

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29 October 2017 ( 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time )

Christians very often fail at one thing, truly loving our neighbour, though this commandment is like the first. Love of neighbour is an essential part of our obligation towards God. If we fail in this we fail in our love for God, for we refuse to carry out this sacred duty. If we do not recognize our neighbour as our brother, we do not recognize God as our Father and we do not love him. The Pharisees may not have had evil intentions when asking Christ the question as to the greatest commandment. But they have done us a good service by getting this crystal-clear answer from him. In this answer he tells us that the man who loves God and neighbour fulfils all his obligations, and carries out all the duties that God's self-revelation in "the law and the prophets" entails. Not all of us may be able to provide material help to a neighbour in need but the poorest of us can spare an encouraging word for a neighbour weighed down with the burdens of life. All of us can pray for a neighbour who needs spiritual and temporal help.

Lord of All History, Nations and Sovereignty

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22 October 2017 ( 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time )

In the First Reading today we see the temporal power to rule and direct the human groups or societies or states, comes, therefore, from God and our God is not only the God of history and of the Jews but the God of the entire universe. This same God is one who uses human instruments by bestowing upon them the many gifts of the Holy Spirit to allow man to prepare for the life to come at the end in the letter to the Thessalonians. Since the life to come at the end of time carries more importance. Man’s primary aim in life must be to reach that kingdom. He must, in other words, find out and fulfill his duties toward God; he must "give back to God what is God's." However, man mustn’t neglect also the building of the common good. He shares in the mission of Christ in witness to the Gospel through the transformation of the temporal order in his profession in the secular world.

Battling Worldly Allurements

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15 October 2017 ( 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time )

How foolish the Pharisees were in their stubbornness and refusal to heed the warnings of Jesus. He gave them every opportunity to renounce their ways. His divine heart was ever ready to embrace them if only they would acknowledge their own faults. We too could make the same mistake the Pharisees did if we do not stand guard and do battle against the allurement of the world whenever it tries to blot out the things that are God’s. The impediment of the love of this world, its wealth and its pleasures must be conquered through a daily struggle against our own evil inclinations and a daily endeavor in striving towards love of God and neighbor. Christ did not ask anyone to do the impossible. He led the way, and millions have followed him to eternal glory. He has called us too and has placed within our easy reach in his Church all the grace and strength we need through the Sacraments and the spiritual food in the letter to the Philippians. If we fail to use these tools, we would then be deprived of the blessings of the messianic kingdom.

Working For God’s Honour And Glory

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8 October 2017 ( 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time )

In the first reading from the prophet Isaiah, we see God under the image of the wine grower who had done everything He had to make his vineyard fertile and productive in order for His Chosen People to bear fruit. All He asked in return was their cooperation. Despite Israel having other plans God was patient with them; again and again He pardoned their infidelities. He sent prophets to turn them back to Him, but they maltreated these messengers of God and refused to heed their warnings. Today’s gospel is a parallel to the first reading heard today. It provokes the question: “Are we producing the grapes and the wine that our divine Master expects of us? “ If our answer is "yes, I am living a true Christian life, I am working for God's honour and glory and for my own eternal salvation," then our response should be one of “prayer and thanksgiving,” trusting as Paul’s letter to the Philippians says, “that the peace of God which is so much greater than we can understand will guard your hearts and thoughts, in Christ Jesus.

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