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Developing Kingdom Value

posted Oct 31, 2015, 5:38 AM by Church of the Risen Christ   [ updated Oct 31, 2015, 5:39 AM ]
1 November 2015 ( Solemnity of All Saints )
Developing Kingdom Value
In a world where people are constantly seeking for power, control and self-pleasure, Jesus is telling his disciples to look beyond and aim for higher values.
The Beatitudes is a poetic summary of the attitudes we want to develop as Christians. However, the Beatitudes have to be properly understood if they are not to be misinterpreted.
Take "Blessed are the poor" for example. Poverty in itself is never a good thing; indeed the Church is constantly working to fight poverty.

The real value of Poverty is that it helps us empathise with others who are poor and struggling in life -- something we may not be able to do if we are rich and living in our self-sufficient bubble.
So they are blessed because God is close to those who turn to Him for their needs.

But this is not to condemn those who are rich as long as they do not oppress or deprive the poor by their excesses. Rich people can be poor "in spirit". We are all blessed as long as we love our neighbour and recognise God as source of all good things.