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Regardless of Race, Gender & Position

posted Aug 18, 2017, 9:05 AM by Church of the Risen Christ   [ updated Aug 18, 2017, 9:05 AM ]
20 August 2017 ( 20 th Sunday in Ordinary Time )

Paul is sad that his fellow Jews have not accepted God’s gift of salvation: Jesus Christ. Their rejection of Jesus had led to His crucifixion & death. The gift of salvation through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross was now freely available to anyone. As Paul saw many gentiles accepting Jesus, how he hoped that his fellow Jews were doing the same! Do we have same desire for our loved ones, relatives & friends who have yet to know& accept Christ? In today’s Gospel, we see Jesus test a gentile woman to see if she was earnest in receiving a gift of deliverance - from a Holy God. The Gentile woman’s persistent & willing to suffer rebuff in order to obtain healing for her child. No one who seeks Jesus in earnest & sincere faith was ever refused His help. Jesus accepts anyone who seeks, loves & obey him, regardless of race, gender & position. As Christians, are we holy, loving, forgiving, fair & honest? If we are not, we can’t say that we have accepted Jesus as our Lord & Saviour. Can we?