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The Spirit of the Lord is upon me

posted Jan 22, 2016, 6:34 AM by Church of the Risen Christ   [ updated Jan 22, 2016, 6:35 AM ]
24 January 2016 ( Third Sunday in Ordinary Time )
The Spirit of the Lord is upon me
“The Spirit of The Lord is Upon Me” read Jesus from the scroll of the prophet Isaiah.

Is it not upon us also? Jesus fulfilled this prophesy, by bringing good news to the poor,
proclaiming freedom to all who are held in bondage, giving sight to the blind so that we may be able to discern,
freeing the oppressed from injustices imposed by those in power and proclaiming to all what is acceptable to the Lord.

Have we done some or any of these things?
What would others write about us and record what they witnessed about our lives?

Could we not begin with what we would want our dominant stories to be, could we begin this now and start a new narrative with each person we meet?

We are all part of one body. When we hurt someone or leave them behind, no matter who they are, the whole body suffers.
No one is insignificant. Each one of us must honour and treat with greater propriety the least amongst us, so that we grow and become better as one body.