Risen Christ Christmas Eve Cantata

Post date: Jan 8, 2015 3:27:53 PM

Issue 15XX Ode to Strings Author: Daniel Chin I played the violin at Risen Christ church on Christmas Eve. It was a small scale concert organised by the RCYS under the baton of Dr Aloysius Leong. Even though this was a very humble concert, the Christmas carols were played gives it a distinguished undertone. We were waiting for a sovereign and with only a dozen musicians. I am actually not a professional violinist, but a language and humanities teacher at an international school. The members of RCYS are mostly students. The idea for this orchestra was convinced by Fr. John Sim and carried out to fruition by Dr. Leong. It aims to give youth with a passion for classical music or ensemble playing a platform where they can gather and perform. The orchestra is like a small family, no matter who you are or your inclinations and talent, all are welcome so long as they can contribute and have a heart that loves music. Our life goals and destinies might differ but at least they converge for a short while when the orchestra gathers under the baton of Dr. Leong. The warmth of this family radiated the Silent Night in Risen Christ this Christmas Eve and it shines brightly at the Church.

With this fervor and passion, we have performed on several occasions for good causes such as church fundraising and donation drive for charities. As an educator, it is a very encouraging sight to behold that many youth are stepping into our fold and joining us in this.

This time, I had the good opportunity of meeting a friend from a faraway place and we discussed quite a fair bit about music. I will not discuss those philosophies here but what was indelible was my remark to her that "string instruments sing the voice of heaven on this earth". Although we were being spontaneous and having a casual conversation, I always have this firm conviction after all these years of violin playing that the instrument was an ethereal existence and my kaleidoscopic beauty on this earth. These feelings became a great impetus for me to pick up my other instrument, the quill to write this down.

An Ode to Strings

A string instrument is like a sword that defends the integrity of the human spirit. These blades sings the tune of civilization, it represents human greatness. One can hear this tune even if engulfed in darkness, the only thing necessary was a sweet surrender to its ethereal melody. It can touch a heart ridden by savagery and convince a blood soaked hand to let go of its weapon. It is a song of peace. So long as generations of musicians are willing to sacrifice their youth and existence for the purpose of music, the human race will have a ray of hope. With instruments firmly in place, notes ready to pour out of them, this heavenly tune will be heard in the highest heavens and live forever.

15XX 期 提琴詠 文:陈顺文

本人在刚过去的12月24日平安夜在大巴窑复活堂跟梁逹明博士带领的复活堂青年交响乐团队表演。这次阵容虽小但意义重大:表演的是圣诞节的圣歌,大概由十多个提琴手和喇叭及笛子组成 - 等待将来领的君王。

我其实不是一个专业的小提琴家,现在在一所国际学校教英文及历史。交响乐团队的成员也多半是在籍学生。这个乐队是由本堂沈神父鼎力支持主办的。目的就是给予热爱古典音乐的教友一个聚集的地方,可以在指挥梁博士的带领下演奏。这个乐团也算是一个小家庭,不拘你是谁, 只要有音乐的心就可加入。我们人生道路虽然不一致,但为了敬仰一个崇高的目标而一起同行。这个家庭的温馨使得平安夜有一束光辉灿烂,照耀着教会。