Coming Together to Celebrate Lay Apostolate Sunday

Post date: Sep 10, 2016 7:53:32 AM

For some years now we've celebrated Lay Apostolate Sunday with a grand lunch at a restaurant. This year we decided to break with tradition and do something different. Ideas were thrown up at the Parish Exco and after some discussion, the Exco decided to have a Fair & Exhibition. When the word filtered down to the parish groups, most members were game for it even though they knew it meant getting themselves down and dirty. As it turned out, the event brought out the ingenuity and creative genius in the members. They had only a few weeks to conceptualise and put their exhibition material together and still managed to do a fabulous job! We were blessed with fine weather on Lay Apostolate Sunday itself. When the 8.15am mass crowd streamed out of the church after the service, they were delighted to see the exhibition in full swing. Most of the stalls were lined along the perimeter wall in front of the church. Some people were trying their hand (or rather their leg!) at the Filipino bamboo dance. Under the porch, people were having their hands henna tattooed.

The theme for the Media Team's exhibits was Walking Down Memory Lane. There parishioners viewed photos of the church from the 1970s when the Church of the Risen Christ was built. And there they also found out that the original name of our parish was 'Church of the Resurrection" before the name was changed to 'The Church of The Risen Christ'.

The exhibition provided the occasion for parishioners to come together to see the wonderful work being done by the various ministries. It brought out the camaraderie and team spirit within the various groups.

Filipino Ministry: Rosaries and book-markers to promote the Holy Hour devotion were given away.

Legion: Bumper harvest: 20 Filipinos, six seniors and five juniors signed up for active membership, and 12 signed up for auxiliary membership. 100 rosaries, 63 miraculous medals and scapular medals were given away.

Lectors: Parishioners, young and old, tried their hand at proclaiming the word of God from the makeshift lectern.

View all the Photos here (1) and here (2) or go to our Photo Booth for 2016 here.


"Thanks to the Core Team for a very good job in planning the exhibition in this Jubilee Year of Mercy. We enjoyed ourselves! Special thanks to Kathleen and Ian for working tirelessly! Hip Hip Hurray!!" - Faustina, Divine Mercy

"We too had a joyous day! On behalf of ICM and Tamil Choir, I would like to thank the Core team and all. God bless!" - Mary, Indian Catholic Movement

"It was nice to see so many happy faces in church. It was a great opportunity to bond. The response was good and everyone had a good time. Thank you." - Margaret Wong

"Congratulations Core Team! I hope we can have more activities such as this in the future! It helps promote the ministries. We made some recruitments on that day!" - Veronica Oreste

"We had a Lay Apostolate exhibition some years back, but minus the fun activities. The other years were all about makan in restaurants. We are glad this year was different and more meaningful. It was an opportunity to invite prayer requests and tell people about gifts of the Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit - a great way to evangelize." - Jessica, Aflame!

"Thank you Bro. Ian and all the ministries involved in organising this fun-filled activity and giving the members from the different ministries the opportunity to fellowship. Thank you all of you and God Bless." - Michael Koh, Exco

"Thank God for all his blessings and help to give us such a good day filled with his Holy Spirit working through us to guide us, unite us, and inspire us to be true Lay Apostles!"