Dialogue Sessions with Our Brothers and Sisters from Trinity Theological College

Post date: Aug 9, 2014 7:07:22 AM

About 40 students from the Trinity Theological College (TTC) visited the Church of Risen Christ on Sunday morning of 20 July 2014. The visit was lead by Rev. Yap Seok Chin and Rev. Dr .Simon Chan. “It is to give our students an opportunity to visit the various churches and understand and study the different Christian denominations in Singapore” said Rev Dr. Simon Chan. The visitors were divided into two groups, with the Mandarin speaking group attending the 8.15am mass and the English speaking group attending the 11.30am mass. Each group then proceeded to attend a dialogue session immediately after the mass with our priests, Fr John Sim, Fr Joseph Zhang and Fr Kamelus Kamus together with various heads of our Church Ministries in attendance. The dialogue sessions were lively and many questions about the Catholic faith on matters of the order of the Mass, the theological significance of various symbols, prayers and actions were raised. Each went away with a better understanding of our Catholic faith. The students and staff of TTC send their sincere gratitude for hosting the visit.

Please view more pictures here.