Easter Sunday with the Archbishop

Post date: Apr 11, 2015 5:29:49 PM

He is Risen! Alleluia! Such enthusiasm from our brothers and sisters, we filled our church to the rafters! Everyone eager to celebrate this wonderful day, to hear and remember what it means when God said He loves us. Easter Sunday, the day love comes to life. Archbishop William Goh shared that “love triumphs death”. That we all look for and desire love, we seek answers so that we can live our lives meaningfully and purposefully. However, in our desperation, we may end up following the majority, having a herd mentality that may have us running towards death instead. So Archbishop Goh pointed out what St. Paul had said in the second reading, that our life is hidden in Christ, and it will be shown in Christ, in His glory. For Jesus showed us how to live, by living for others and for God. He gave His life to humanity without counting the cost, even at the risk of being humiliated, ridiculed, hated and killed. Archbishop Goh also noted that the world and even some of us, may have questioned why a good man had to be put to death, why good people have to suffer, why any injustice have to happen, that these questions may give rise to doubts. He reminded us that Jesus suffered the utmost injustice, to be stripped naked in public, shamed, ridiculed. Perhaps remembering this each time we are at our lowest, would help to sooth our own pain and suffering. Also, as Christians, we know that they can kill our bodies, yet our spirit lives on! Our life is not in vain. Just like Jesus’ life is not in vain, nor are the lives of those who have suffered. Jesus demonstrated the real meaning of love. It is eternal.

Lastly, Archbishop Goh encouraged us to come out of our comfort zone, to stop hiding in our “tombs”, as this could prolong us being cut off from love, that there is no future there. The Lord Jesus is inviting us to come out of our tombs. He is more than ready to roll away the stone of sin, pride, intellect, and selfishness, they have all been removed, so we need to want to come out as there are no longer any blockages. Once we do this, once we put others before ourselves just as our Lord Jesus had done, once we can smile even in our suffering, then we can live a life of love.