I Will Show My Faith By My Action

Post date: Jun 11, 2014 2:11:58 PM

Msgr. Philip Heng SJ from St. Ignatius Church led us in our Risen Christ Parish Day of Recollection 2014 held on 13 May 2014. The church was filled with eager parishioners waiting to hear Msgr. Philip share with them the way to renew ourselves in very fundamental ways.

For example by bearing the pain in our lives, pain that comes in many shapes and forms. The pain of parenting where a parent needs to balance between loving their child while diligently instructing, scolding, and molding them into becoming responsible and Godly adults. Another example is the pain of relationships that may come from trying to protect ourselves from being hurt and thus we may lash out at our loved ones. Msgr. Philip pointed out that in making another person feel bad we achieve nothing. He urged us to look beyond the pain. We must notice and acknowledge the presence of God in our lives which gives us the courage to manage our pain differently.

We must not be carried away with the many unnecessary things in life. Teach the basics to our children. Teach them to love God, and they will know how to love others. Each day brings to our consciousness that God is in our hearts and we should feel His presence. Ask Him “God, how can I love you more?” and go about each day without expecting to solve the world’s problems.

We should strive to live our faith in concrete ways, being conscious about God’s presence within us and in our lives, to help us not to allow the influences of this world to distort the truth, nor allow our pain to cloud our judgment, but to look beyond the mist of pain and to be thankful for the good things we have in our lives and to grow that gift to share them with others.

Lastly, we must lead a discerning life. To discern the types of feelings we are experiencing, because without discernment, the dominant feelings may lead us into making the wrong decisions, eg. anger. Discernment would lead to decisions according to God’s will. Msgr. Philip shared with us how to distinguish our feelings, to be guided by spirituality and not just the physical or emotional. An apt example was looking after an infant, when the parent is exhausted, a physical solution could work where the parent tries to get rest to replenish their energy. A second way to look at this would be the emotional level, that is, that the love for the infant makes the parent go through the frequent sleepless nights less begrudgingly. However, a third way of looking at this, the spiritual level, where the parent has faith in God as a mother or father, the parent sees this as a vocation to care for his/her child, this will allow them to grow deeper in faith at the same time.