Lector's Commissioning on 12 July 2015

Post date: Jul 31, 2015 2:04:49 PM

You see their stern looks of no nonsense when they tower over at the podium, proclaiming the word of God. They seem aloof, even intimidating at times. However the lectors are not a group as unrelatable to the rest of the parish as we think.

In fact, their gatherings are a time of prayer and fellowship, where they meet to pray for one another, celebrate birthdays, sing praise and worship to our Lord,and follow up on the events and happenings in the church, not too different from all the other ministries in the church.

Their office was formerly classed as one of the four minor orders and in recent centuries was generally conferred only on those preparing for ordination to the priesthood. However with effect from 1 January 1973, the apostolic letter Ministeria quaedam of 15 August 1972 decreed instead that lay men may now take up the duty of proclaiming sacred scripture. Which means that actually they are of similar background to any member of the parish.

Recently, the Risen Christ Lectors attended the arch-diocese’s 1st ever bible symposium on 11th July 2015, where they learned about "The Word Proclaimed", how the "Word is Alive", and was celebrated with a concert on The Word of God at Catholic Junior College. The experience from this eye-opening event will impart them precious wisdom for them to conduct their duties as lectors for all future masses.

To date there are more than 50 members of the family of lectors, and it is still growing. As Jesus boomed to his disciples “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” (Matthew 4:19), may the lectors’ respectful tones when reading the Holy Word, command that reverence amongst the parish for God, bringing in more and more followers to Him. Amen !

~ Clare

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Lector's Commissioning