Parish Assembly 2015

Post date: Jan 10, 2016 1:25:34 PM

The Parish Assembly was held on Sun, 13 Dec 2015 afternoon in the main church, with breakout sessions held in the auditorium, St John/Luke/Mark rooms and St Michael/Elizabeth rooms. An estimated 120 attended. At the Parish Assembly, Michael, chair of the Parish Pastorial Council (PPC) provided a short presentation on what the PPC had investigated and recommended so far, in relation to the four questions posed at the Parish Assembly 2014 – (i) How do we evangelise ourselves as Catholics?; (ii) How to evangelise lapsed Catholics back to Church? (iii) How to engage actively the youth in our church? (iv) How to promote Gospel and moral values to our families? Together, these four questions can be summarised as how do we bring about the New Evangelisation in our parish. During the 1-hour breakout period, parishioners were given the choice to proceed to 2 out of 3 breakout areas that focused on the themes of discipleship, community and family life. Lunch and drinks were provided at the breakout areas. During the breakout sessions, a number of questions were posed to the parishioners, to elicit feedback which the PPC will take into account in its ongoing work in 2016. After the breakout period, all parishioners were asked to return to the main church for the resumption of the Parish Assembly in the main church. Back in the main church, the facilitators at each of the 3 break out areas shared a summary of the things discussed and feedback received on each of the 3 themes. At about 3pm, the traditional Q&A session involving Fr John Sim, Fr Kamil, Michael Koh (Exco Chair) and Michael Chong (PPC Chair) was held, during which parishioners had the opportunity to raise matters of concern. The Parish Assembly ended at 3.45pm.