Parish Day of Recollection

Post date: Aug 22, 2013 3:08:44 PM

The Church of the Risen Christ had its annual Day of Recollection on Saturday 27 July 2013. Father James Yeo was the retreat master.

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The day’s programme started at 9.00am with a praise and worship session, after which Father James Yeo gave the two talks.

The main theme of the two talks was how the Holy Spirit relates to us, our understanding of the Holy Spirit and debunking certain wrong ideas about the Holy Spirit.

Father James Yeo explained the presence and the activity of the Holy Spirit in our world emphasizing that the Holy Spirit who is God, is therefore, omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscience. We need to be opened to the Holy Spirit’s presence not just in the Church but in the world. He further added that we need to discern the signs that the Holy Spirit gives us as He leads us in our daily lives. Since the Holy Spirit is God, we can see the works of the Holy Spirit only through the eyes of faith. It is the Holy Spirit who leads everyone into salvation. This has also been confirmed by the International Theological Commission on Christianity and World Religions as well as Pope John Paul II. Similarly, numerous documents from the Second Vatican Council emphasize the universal salvific will of God with Christ as the Mediator.

After the tea break, Father James Yeo talked about baptism and the need for a person to have faith if his baptism is to be meaningful. A baptised person can receive salvation only if his faith were formed by charity as Lumen Gentium number 14, has taught. Though everyone can be guided by the Holy Spirit, He can be fully experienced only by the faithful. He also told the congregation to refrain from judging others and reiterated that the Holy Spirit is not quantifiable by terms such as “less Holy Spirit” or “more Holy Spirit”. Father James Yeo also said that Christians who have faith are “true believers” and Christians who do not have faith are “mere believers”. The Holy Spirit makes His home only in true believers. As for non-believers, they are not excluded from the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit for He is the Giver of all that is good. At the conclusion of his second talk, Father James Yeo encouraged the participants to listen and discern the presence and workings of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

The Day of Recollection ended at about 12.35 pm and was followed by lunch in the parish hall.