My Faith Story: Parish Mission 2016 Workshop

Post date: Dec 11, 2015 6:35:37 PM

10 Nov 2015. More than 300 parishioners spent their Deepavali holiday attending the full-day workshop in preparation of our Parish Mission to be held in 2016. Which is unimaginable in most Western countries, observed Fr Simon Pereira, one of the two Redemptorist priests who conducted the workshop. The other was Fr Jacob Ong. The series of talks, interspersed with lunch and tea-breaks, were wide ranging. The first, given by Fr Simon, touched on the subject of mission. The objective of the Parish mission is to re-evangelise our parishioners and to strengthen the bonds of friendship and trust within our parish community.

We all have a part to play to reach out to fellow parishioners, especially those living on the fringe. Even if we are not qualified to teach the faith, we can at least share our faith story.

"The approach of using one's own experience with God to reach out to fellow Catholics is innovative. Sharing stories help to engage others," said Evelyn Tang, one of the workshop participants.

Fr Simon also gave tips to sharpen our inter-personal skills. They came in the form of anecdotes. We have to be sensitive to people who may have emotional baggage and psychological blocks that prevent them from receiving the word of God. These have to be removed before they can be touched.

"To do mission, we first need to encounter Christ; but ultimately what is most important is how we respond," said Stefannus Untung, another participant.

~ Vincent Especkerman