RCIA Scrutiny & Wardens Commissioning

Post date: Apr 3, 2016 2:28:17 PM


During the Sunday morning mass on 5 March 2016, 2 ceremonies where held.a) RCIA Scrutiny. Throughout Lent, special prayers are offered at the Sunday Eucharist for the catechumens and candidates; they are called scrutinies; these prayers for strengthening in grace and virtue and for purification from all past evil and from any bonds which hinder them from experiencing the love of God.b) Commissioning of Wardens. Our wardens play an important role in assisting to to preserve the solemnity and tranquility of worship. Besides, assisting the priests, they assist with crowd control, collection of love offerings, traffic control, and management of the church car park at each Mass. And they work with other ministries and groups within our church in distributing information such as flyers, booklets, etc., to parishioners attending masses.