Catholic Youth Fellowship (CYF)


CYF is a youth group that has an ‘open arms’ policy, primarily targeted at post-confirmation youth, but also accepting anyone who is willing to learn more about Christian faith and its values.

Role of Ministry

Our role is to act as ‘shepherds’ to those in their post-confirmation time, facilitating growth and keeping up with members in hopes that they can mature a sense of belonging to the church and join our brother/sister groups eventually.

Who can join?

  • Generally, Catholic youth between 15-17, or sec 3 students or older, pre to post-confirmation, specifically but not limited to:

  • Post confirmation youth looking for where to go after confirmation

  • Youth unsure of which ministry to join


CYF meets formally every Friday for session, starting normally at 8pm in St. Francis room. We have an annual CYF Camp in March, and another annual Outing in June. Additionally, we go church visiting on Maundy Thursday.


Publicity I/C:

John Phillip Canizares Shelton

Tel: 96235613



Ignatius Koh

Tel: 9320 6344


Miguel Ora

Tel: 9751 5329

Logistics I/C:

Marcus Lam

Tel: 9171 0895