Accept Jesus [NOW] For Who He Is & Do What He Requires Of You!

Post date: Aug 26, 2017 2:34:04 AM

27 August 2017 ( 21 st Sunday in Ordinary Time )

[Isaiah 22:15,19-23] [Romans 11:33-36] [Matthew 16:13-20]

Through God’s providence, Peter realised the essence of Jesus’s true identity. Peter was the first apostle to recognise Jesus as the Christ (Anointed One, Messiah) & the only begotten Son of the Living God. In calling Jesus, the Son of God, Peter indicates that Jesus is God & that death has no power over Him. Since Jesus Himself is the Son, & as the Son takes up all things from God the Father, let us then adore Jesus in our hearts & lives unreservedly, because there is no one who escapes His power & judgement. How miserable for those who misinterpret, deny & reject the divinity of Jesus Christ! As for us, whether cradle Catholic or convert, do we really believe in Jesus as God, Messiah & Saviour? Do we conduct our lives as He requires us to? Or, have we all this while, been looking but not seeing, hearing but not listening, seeking yet not accepting, attending Church services yet not believing? On Judgement Day, would a simple yet familiar question posed by The Judge; “Who do you say I am?” render us silent, ashamed & infinitely regretful?