A Glimpse Into The Mind Of God

Post date: Sep 23, 2017 1:08:40 AM

24 September 2017 ( 25 th Sunday in Ordinary Time )

[Isaiah 55:6-9] [Philippians 1:20-24,27] [Matthew 20:1-16]

Blaise Pasqual comes close to understanding the thinking of God when he said, "The heart has reasons that reason cannot know." We can never understand the mind of God though logic or reason alone. We tend to like a person because his kind or generous or entertaining. And we value him by the amount of effort he puts in and the results he produces. The moment he is not able to meet our expectations, we stop loving him or we lower his value rating. But God operates on a completely different plane. God loves because he loves. God does not reward us according to what we do but by the motivation of our heart. We see that Paul would be too happy to die for Christ, because that would mean he gets to go back to Christ. But he is willing to struggle on in the flesh if that is what it takes to bring more people to Christ. As disciples of Christ, we know we are on the right track when more and more we are willing to do things that please God even though they are difficult, unpleasant and unglamorous.