A light in the darkness

Post date: Feb 4, 2017 9:22:56 AM

5 February 2017 ( Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time )

[Isaiah 58:7-10] [1 Corinthians 2:1-5] [Matthew 5:13-16]

Today’s readings place a strong emphasis on the light of faith. The first reading from the prophet Isaiah reminds us that in order to be a light to people we must reveal God’s goodness through our own actions in caring for the weak, the vulnerable and the needy. He goes on to remind the people of Israel that their just actions will go before them and God’s glory behind them. In the second reading we see St Paul being a light to the world. Paul tells them that he comes to them in all humility that he is nothing in himself, but that the light of Christ shines through him. In today’s Gospel, Jesus reminds us of our own Christian identity and responsibility to be salt of the earth and light of the world. To be salt of the earth, the Christian has to combat corruption of all kinds and preserve the good in this world. To be light of the world, the Christian has to be visible in the world but not of it. Let us pray today that our faith would be a light to those in darkness.