A Time of Recommitment and Renewal

Post date: Nov 25, 2016 3:22:38 PM

27 November 2016 ( 1 st Sunday of Advent )

[Isaiah 2:1-5] [Romans 13:11-14] [Matthew 24:37-44]


The first reading from the prophet Isaiah speaks of the pilgrimage towards God’s eternal city, the new and heavenly Jerusalem. Isaiah in today’s first reading speaks of the promise of hope and a vision of peace. The Lord’s advent is beautiful as it is a call towards a reign of peace as the nations accept God’s instruction, judgment and walk in his light The second reading from St Paul’s letter to the Romans speaks of the need to stay awake and put on the armor of light and cast aside the darkness doing what is pleasing to God everyday “ putting on” Jesus waiting for him to come. In the gospel today, Jesus tells us to 'stay awake' so that his coming which will come at an unexpected moment does not take us by surprise. To stay awake is to be constantly aware of the presence of God, remaining attentive to what he wants us to do, while refraining from that which displeases him, even when our natural inclination leads us to it. May this Advent be a time of renewal, recommitment and awakening allowing our hearts to be filled by him once again.