Awesome Privileges For Sons & Daughters Of God !

Post date: Dec 30, 2016 2:39:44 PM

1 January 2017 ( Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God )

[Number 6:22-27] [Galatian 4:4-7] [Luke 2:16 -21]

The words used by Aaron & the Levites to bless the sons of Israel is a reflection of our Heavenly Father’s great love and care for us. Can we see how much God desires to bless & take care of us? God’s plan to draw all mankind to himself materialised with the birth of his Son, Jesus Christ. Besides performing miracles, Jesus taught us how we should live as God’s children. As Paul wrote, at the appointed time, Jesus offered his life on the cross as an atonement for all the sins of mankind, both Jews and gentiles. By his sacrificial death, Jesus redeemed all so that all might become God’s children. While Jesus’s gift of salvation is free, we have to make a conscious decision in accepting and applying it in our lives. Mary’s acceptance of God’s will enabled God’s workings before her eyes. Likewise, if we seek God’s will in our lives, we shall see the hand of God’s love and guidance through our ups & downs. And at the end of our time, we shall live with Him in eternal paradise, as Sons & Daughters of God!