Bear difficulties with faith

Post date: Mar 14, 2014 3:01:36 PM

16 March 2014 ( Second Sunday in Lent )

[Gen 12:1-4a] [2 Tim 1:8b-10] [Mat 17:1-9]

We see in the first reading Abraham answering God’s call and leaving behind the security of his country, family and father’s house. Ahead of Abraham lies a difficult journey to the land and blessing which God has promised him. St Paul in the second reading speaks of bearing ‘the hardships for the sake of the Good News’. This can only be done by relying on the power of God. Today’s gospel shows Peter, James and John having a glimpse of the glory of Jesus who has come to fulfil the law and the prophets. Lying ahead of this wonderful experience on the mountain for the disciples is a storm in Jerusalem. It is there that our Saviour will go through His passion, death and resurrection and the apostles will experience suffering, loss and failure. The reality of our lives is that we will have to face many difficult storms. These storms can be overcome with the help and the power of our Father. Let us therefore bear whatever difficulties we have with faith in God who will see us through.