Be not afraid

Post date: Jun 24, 2017 7:58:03 AM

25 June 2017 ( Twelfth Sunday in ordinary times )

[Jeremiah 20:10-13] [Romans 5:12-15] [Matthews 10:26-33]

Being misunderstood, accused of wrongdoing when we believe it is truly the right thing to do, marginalized or prosecuted for being different from the majority, are all frightening and devastating experiences. Instinctively we may try to protect ourselves and try to blend in with the majority. So how could we live our belief in this “light” that Jesus speaks of, amongst so many who may be different from us? Today’s gospel proclaims that Jesus sends us out to accomplish His will. The proclamation of the gospel is a tremendous task, it exposes us to potential suspicion, ridicule and even persecution. However, God tells us that ultimately the truth will be revealed to all. When we stand up for the weak and defenseless, when we stand up against petty interests and selfish privileges, we uncover more of all that is a rejection of God’s commandment to love. Jesus urges us not to fear those who ‘kill the body but cannot kill the soul’, to know that we are much more than the sparrows, that God will give us the grace of fearlessness.