Continue the Discipleship

Post date: Jul 10, 2015 2:58:20 PM

12 July 2015 (15th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

[Amos 7:12-15] [Ephesians 1:3-14] [Mark 6:7-13]

Jesus gave instructions to His disciples to go out, preach the gospel.

To do so without any distraction, no possessions to speak of, to depend only on the kindness of others, to remain simple.

Simplicity is the key, as preaching of the gospel was not to be distracted by neither wealth nor glamour.

We continue to be reminded that Jesus is our King, but not of any kingdom here on earth, so the usual treasures men look for may end up cluttering our lives

and make us forget our dependence on God.

Jesus also prepared them for possible rejection and even failure, not because of any shortcomings in their ability, but in the people’s inability to accept their teachings.

Jesus continues to call us, His faithful, to spread the good news, to preach the gospel.

The risks in doing so are high, as we may not only be rejected, but ridiculed, shamed, even prosecuted for our believes, as many are in other parts of the world.

Let us pray for the courage to take this call to humbly share the gospel.

Continue the Discipleship