Do you look like Jesus?

Post date: May 9, 2016 5:06:09 AM

Do you look like Jesus?

Have you met a person whose facial features, voice and mannerism strongly resemble someone else you know, and it turns out that he is the brother, son or blood relative of that person you know?

Naturally! A child (and his siblings) inherit the physical and intellectual attributes of his biological parents through the transfer of DNA.

God does not transfer His physical attributes to us. But most certainly, there are spiritual attributes which we recognise ascoming from God.

The more we attune our hearts and minds to our Heavenly Father, the more we will resemble Him in the way we treat our neighbour,

the way we react to life situations, and the way we use our talents and wealth.

Jesus is closely united to the Father. In fact he said that anyone who has seen him has seen the Father.

Likewise, we want to imitate Jesus in a way that when people see us they see Jesus.

That is not to say we look or sound like Jesus, but that we have the tendency to think like Jesus,

and act as he would in a similar situation.