Following God’s plan

Post date: Sep 1, 2017 4:40:08 PM

3 September 2017 ( 22 nd Sunday in Ordinary Time )

[Jeremiah 20:7-9] [Romans 12:1-2] [Matthew 16:21-27]

Jesus shows us what it takes to follow God’s will. Today we may see and hear many things that sounds good, but are they? We feel inclined to agree and endorse these ‘good’ ideas. Are we thinking as men do? Jesus did not hesitate to reprimand Peter, knowing Peter may be hurt by his rebuke. Would we find the courage to go against our loved ones when we know they may be hurt, and in turn we may be rejected? When we know our betters are going against God’s teachings, would we dare to question our superiors, leaders or anyone in positions of power, as Jesus begun doing with the Pharisees? When it comes to ourselves, being successful is a good thing, to achieve our goals show commitment, but Jesus said, to follow Him we must deny ourselves, deny our deepest idea of self. Keeping Jesus from any harm ought to have been a good thing, but that would mean going against God’s plan for Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection. Let us pray for the possibility to be more like Jesus in accepting and following God’s plan.