God’s Richness

Post date: Jul 30, 2016 12:42:24 PM

God’s Richness

We study, we learn, we graduate. We train, we work, we get promoted. Is this the measure of success? Perhaps. God wants us to use our gifts, so we ought to do so, and bear good fruits. So maybe the better questions would be, ‘is this the only measure of success’? How do we know when our earthly desires are no longer in line with God’s desires for us? How would we know that the richness we have attained, matches with what God wants us to aim for, and not merely to fulfill our greed?

Our daily lives need not be different from what God aspires for us. Keep ourselves clear of desires that may be our downfall.

Leave our old self. We have been baptized and hence have a new self, let us live as one renewed in the image of our God.

We can live with ‘wisdom & knowledge & skill’, ones that come from God, ones that can bring joy and meaning to the people we encounter,

enabling them to treasure what is truly important.