God’s Salvation Plan

Post date: Jan 6, 2017 3:06:57 PM

8 January 2017 (The Epiphany of our Lord )

[Isaiah 60:1-6] [Ephesians 3:2-3a, 5-6] [Matthew 2:1-12]

Isaiah depicts the future glory of Jerusalem where, with God’s favour & mercy, the children of Israel are brought back home, its wealth multiplied, & the city of Jerusalem is made great again & respected by the nations. Paul reveals God’s plan in Ephesians that through the gospel of Christ, the gentiles have a part in God’s blessings & share the promise that God made through Christ Jesus, a descendant of Abraham and from the royal lineage of David. Men may try to thwart God’s plans but will they ever succeed? King Herod was both cunning & ruthless, and even with mass murdering the youngest of his subjects, he failed to eliminate the new born Saviour. Later on, as part of God’s redemptive plan, Jesus instructed his disciples to preach the gospel to all nations, beginning in Jerusalem. He also reveals that, at the end of time, “many will come from the east & the west & will sit down with Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob at the feast in the Kingdom of Heaven”. God desires that all may be saved. So, my friend, what is your response?