God the loving gardener

Post date: Jul 21, 2017 2:40:09 PM

23 July 2017 ( Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time )

[Isaiah 12:13, 16-19] [Romans 8:26-37] [Matthew 13:24-43]

Our God knows our weaknesses and comes to us with his help in mercy and forgiveness when we repent and remain faithful to Him. Wisdom in the First Reading extols God as a caring Father and just judge: “You never judge unjustly. Your justice has its source in strength; your sovereignty over all makes you lenient over all.” This is the nature of our God, the just judge who overlooks our sins fulfilling the words of the psalmist “O Lord, you are good and forgiving.” The Letter to the Romans highlighted one very important ministry of the Holy Spirit in our lives. As finite and frail beings, there are times in life when we cannot help ourselves. The Holy Spirit reminds us of our weakness and allows us to reconcile with God through the sacrament of reconciliation. In the Gospel today, the illustration of the parable of the weed and the darnel parallels what St Augustine says in City of God, saints striving towards virtue and sinners struggling to combat sin. Our Lord knows exactly how to deal with each of us accordingly come harvest time.