Go Up The Mountain

Post date: Mar 10, 2017 2:58:21 PM

12 March 2017 ( Second Sunday of Lent )

[Genesis 12:1-4A] [2 Timothy 1:8B-10] [Matthew 17:1-9]

Going up high into the mountains, perhaps symbolically portrays the journey we must make to keep seeking and yearning for God. The disciples saw Jesus’ transfiguration, and they themselves were transformed. Whenever we open our hearts to welcome Jesus and to be more willing to recognize Him in the people we encounter each day, seeing the glory of God reflected in everyday kindness and love, these can add towards our own transformation. Remember also that we have the privilege to be in God’s presence, the Eucharist is a chance for us to encounter the most divine. Seek out each moment where we can follow in Jesus’ footsteps to climb up our own mountain and letting Him climb with us to maneuver over the treacherous terrain of this secular life, to be ready each time to say “Lord, it is good that we are here.”