Instruction Manual for End Times

Post date: Nov 13, 2015 3:21:08 PM

15 November 2015 ( 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time )

[Dan 12:1-3] [Hebrews 10:11-14, 18] [Mark 13:24-32]

Instruction Manual for End Times

In this week's readings, Jesus is preparing the people of God for end times.There is a prediction, a warning and a reassurance. God will not let His people be taken completely off guard. He will send us signals through signs and wonders in the skies and events taking place in the world, but we can only recognise the authentic signs if we look with eyes of faith. There will be false alarms. Watch out for scaremongers and charlatans who will "play the prophet" for personal gain. Don't listen to them! When the beginning of the end finally comes, we should not be afraid. If we have been living upright lives all along, we should just continue to live our normal lives.

The angels will guide us through the period of tribulation and tell us what to do.

Don't worry about the catastrophes taking place all around us. Even if the world crumbles, the Word of God will remain. And we know that Jesus is the Word of God.

Godless people will be afraid when the end comes.

For us, Christians, this is something we look forward to!