In The Loving Hands Of God

Post date: Feb 25, 2017 4:00:15 AM

26 February 2017 ( Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time )

[Isaiah 49:14-15] [1 Corinthians 4:1-5] [Matthew 6:24-34]

In the first reading from the prophet Isaiah, the people of Israel in exile were despondent and in despair. Isaiah assured them that God has always been faithful to His chosen people; He would never forget nor forsake them. We are to trust God in the darkest of times. St. Paul teaches the people of Corinth to put their trust not so much in human judgments, and not even in their own judgment, but in the Lord’s own judgment. St. Paul describes himself and other apostles as the servants and the stewards of the mysteries of God . The stewards of the Gospel need to be 'trustworthy' to God, as it is required of a steward. Today’s gospel carries a strong statement from Jesus who reminds us that we are God’s precious children. Our heavenly Father really cares for us. He provides for all our needs but we need to make Him a priority and not second fiddle in our lives. We are all in the loving hands of God and totally dependent on him. He is always with us and never leaves us in the lurch.