Lack of conviction & knowledge = Lack of communication

Post date: May 26, 2017 12:11:41 PM

28 May 2017 ( Seventh Sunday of Easter )

[Acts 1:12-14] [1 Peter 4:13-16] [John 17:1 – 11a]


The crucifixion & death of Jesus was a shattering experience for the apostles. We were told that after Jesus was taken up to heaven, the apostles retreated to the room where they were staying. There, they gathered and prayed frequently as a group, together with Mary, the Mother of Jesus. They were instructed by Jesus to wait for the Holy Spirit, the Helper who would teach them everything & remind them all Jesus had told them. Under the power & guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Apostles were transformed into bold & powerful witnesses for the Risen Christ. The early church grew & expanded rapidly despite persecutions. In his letters, Peter encourages his flock not to be ashamed of suffering because they were Christians. Instead, to thank God that they bear Christ‘s name! As we commemorate World Communication Sunday, let’s ask ourselves whether we are heeding the command to communicate the Good news of the Risen Christ to those around us. If we are not doing it, is it because our personal relationship with Jesus is weak or ... non- existent? We can’t share with others what we don’t have!