Living In Harmony

Post date: May 20, 2016 3:49:33 PM

Living In Harmony

Some people know only how to take.To them, everything is a zero sum game.Their mentality is: The more the other person takes, the less there is for me! It is sad that these people don't know the joy of giving. They don't know the joy of seeing the smile on the face of someone who receives something he so badly needs. This Trinity Sunday, we look at the mutual love that God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit have for each other. It is a relationship that is devoid of greed, jealousy and self-promotion. In any community, whether it is a family, a religious community or any other community, when the individual members live for each other,have respect for each other and

give freely of their talents and resources to the community, they will have a rich and thriving community.

We pray for the grace to look beyond ourselves to the communities we live in and to the larger world community, that we be more generous and inclusive,

and to be more willing to put the interest of others before our own.