Living through the wilderness

Post date: Mar 3, 2017 5:01:37 PM


Have we ever experienced and found ourselves lost and end up in a wilderness? Tired and hurt by criticisms, failure and neglect? Hungry for basic sustenance, some attention, meaning in our lives, hungry for love? Jesus was in this very wilderness being put through so many tests and temptations. He said NO to the easy route. After having fasted for 40 days, as a man, He must have been starving and exhausted. Yet, He was able to focus on God, and withstood the many temptations placed before Him. He chose God. He chose to keep the commandments and remain faithful to God. He chose faith in God that He would be led out of the wilderness and in the angels who minister to Him. May we, in our darkest moments, find will and strength not just to live, not just to choose the rules or values easier to adhere to, or fit in with the dominant popular stories of the moment. But instead let us follow Him in the road of courage of boldness, to make this life truly worth living.