Lost and found

Post date: May 3, 2014 5:39:08 AM

4 May 2014 ( 3rd Sunday of Easter )

[Acts 2:14, 22-33] [1 Peter 1:17-21] [Luke 24:13-35]

There was this story of a man who paid a few dollars for an art-piece from a flea market, which later turned out to be a long lost painting by a famous artist. The previous owner had not realised its value and had sold it off for a token sum. The Israelites had such a treasure in Jesus but they, too, "sold him off". They harassed him, tortured him and had him crucified. They “lost’ him. Three days later things took a turn starting with Mary of Magdala's encounter with an angel at the open tomb of Jesus, who told her that Jesus was alive. Then two disciples on their way to Emmaus met a stranger who made them see how the things Jesus did in his lifetime fulfilled the words of scriptures. Then at the breaking of bread, they recognised the stranger as Jesus. Now they had the full impact: that the Jesus they knew was not just a brilliant teacher, or healer, or prophet. He was son of God who had come down from heaven to lift man out of the despair of sin to eternal life!

The lord has risen indeed !