Love of Neighbour

Post date: Oct 27, 2017 3:53:33 PM

29 October 2017 ( 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time )

[Exodus 22:20-26] [1 Thessalonians 1:5-10] [Matthew 22:34-40]


Christians very often fail at one thing, truly loving our neighbour, though this commandment is like the first. Love of neighbour is an essential part of our obligation towards God. If we fail in this we fail in our love for God, for we refuse to carry out this sacred duty. If we do not recognize our neighbour as our brother, we do not recognize God as our Father and we do not love him. The Pharisees may not have had evil intentions when asking Christ the question as to the greatest commandment. But they have done us a good service by getting this crystal-clear answer from him. In this answer he tells us that the man who loves God and neighbour fulfils all his obligations, and carries out all the duties that God's self-revelation in "the law and the prophets" entails. Not all of us may be able to provide material help to a neighbour in need but the poorest of us can spare an encouraging word for a neighbour weighed down with the burdens of life. All of us can pray for a neighbour who needs spiritual and temporal help.