Price and Value

Post date: Nov 6, 2015 1:17:20 PM

8 November 2015 ( 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time )

[1 Kings 17:10-16] [Hebrews 9:24-28] [Mark 12:38-44]

Price and Value

Every gift has both a "price" and a "value". They are not the same thing. "Price" can easily be determined by looking at the price tag. But "value" is something that is more difficult to measure. How do you value a wild flower a little child gives you that she found growing beside the drain? How do you value the kidney or bone marrow someone donated to save your life? Compared with the other people's, the widow's donation of two small coins was the smallest, yet Jesus said it had the greatest value. Price depends on the quality of the gift; value depends on the giver's heart. We have to look at how we give to others and to the Church.

It is easy to give as long as it is "spare change", or if it does not tax our time or convenience.

Or if it does not require us to get our hands dirty or to work with annoying people.

God does not look at price; He looks at value. For our gift to have real value, it must involve some effort, pain and sacrifice on our part.