Seek Him Out

Post date: Oct 29, 2016 3:43:46 AM

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

[Malachi 3:19-20] [2 Thessalonians 3:7-12] [Luke 21:5-19]

Jesus is preparing his followers for end times. In the last days, things will be chaotic. No one will be spared. There will be earthquakes, plagues and famines, and all kinds of strange signs in the skies. There will be wars and political turmoil on a scale never seen before. We will see atrocities taking place all over the world. People will be persecuted and killed simply for believing in Christ. Things are going to get so bad that people will be betrayed not by their enemies but by their own friends and family members. We won't be able to trust anyone. And amidst this chaos, some figures will appear parading as the messiah. But those who are faithful to God and the Church will be able to recognise these imposters. Even churches will be pulled down and people are going to think that it is the end, but not yet. Jesus tells his followers all these are to be expected, and to remain calm because God is in control of the situation. Those who are faithful and persevere will reap their rewards when the turmoil comes to past.