Seek The Treasure That Awaits

Post date: Jul 29, 2017 4:47:07 AM

30 July 2017 ( Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time )

[1 Kings 3:5.7-12] [Romans 8:28-30] [Matthew 13:44-52]

This Sunday’s readings will begin with the book of the Kings where we see King Solomon’s request for wisdom and concludes with the summation of the Lord’s teaching on parables. Solomon didn’t neglect God’s offer. Instead he made a pious request to God. He readily laid hold of this offer. When God says ask it shall be given to you but he expects us to ask reasonably, according to his mind and not selfishly. The epistle to the Romans in the second reading reminds us that: “By turning everything to their good God cooperates with all those who love him...” “The hand of God is at the helm. He’s steering us through the storms of life towards our eternal home in heaven. However we must keep in mind that the allegiance of love to God supersedes everything else. In today’s Gospel Jesus reminds us that the Kingdom of Heaven is also life insurance against death. "Whoever believes in me, even though he die, shall live," said Jesus. However, we do not need to pay the price of the treasure or the pearl but rather we only need to be worthy of them at the end.