Set Apart

Post date: May 11, 2018 12:01:08 PM

13 May 2018 ( 7th Sunday of Easter )

[Acts 1:15-17.20a, 20c-26] [1 John 4:11-16] [John 17:11b-19]

Jesus’ high priest prayer in today’s Gospel consecrates us in the truth of God’s word for the mission of the Church- to transform this world through the temporal ordering it towards the Kingdom. Consecrated in the Truth that is Christ our Head, we are set apart from the world and because Jesus is the fullness of the Revelation who has passed on the Word to us, we are hated on by the world because of who we are as Christians. As his special possession, Jesus asks the Father “to protect them from the evil one.” Just as Jesus and His Father are One so too are we united as Christians at the table of the Lord at Mass. Set apart, we are not of this world any more than Jesus is of this world. While we are set apart, we must never act as if we were from above. We must lead those who do not know Him to seek Him through our words and actions so that they too can become His chosen ones forever.