Shepherds and followers of Christ

Post date: Nov 3, 2017 4:41:52 PM

The 2nd Reading displays a beautiful example of Paul’s love for Christ and concern for his flock. Bearing in mind the revelation of Christ’s divinity and the mission entrusted to him, Paul was not interested in getting praises or approvals from others . His heart and mind were focused on the spiritual needs of the new Christian community. He was gentle, nurturing and was even willing to give up his life for them, if necessary. He toiled day and night to avoid troubling them and encouraged them by his exemplary Godly life. Compare Paul’s attitude to that of the Teachers of the Law and the Pharisees Jesus warned against in today’s Gospel. The sad contrast shows the importance of having a personal conviction and a close relationship with Jesus. In today’s Gospel, Jesus highlights the path of holiness. First, a humble adherence to authority and second an avoidance of sin and to do what is right always. The role models and shepherds in our lives may shine or fall, may come and go but remember Jesus Christ is the True Shepherd, the Alpha and the Omega. Anchor your faith and trust in Him!