The Servant of the Lord

Post date: Mar 24, 2018 1:48:18 PM

25 March 2018 ( PALM SUNDAY )

[Isaiah 50:4-7] [Philippians 2:6-11] [ Mark 14:1-15:47]

This period we are coming to the central mystery of the Christian faith, the death & resurrection of Jesus. Today we see what is known as Palm Sunday, where Jesus goes to Jerusalem, ready to confront death. His enemies have been waiting for years to find a reason to get rid of Him. They’re confused by His simplicity, honesty, humility and His love to all (both Jews & gentiles). Jesus kept His eyes on his mission, despite the mocking, isolation & dangers. Despite His fears and doubts, moments where He lamented “why have you forsaken me?”, Jesus followed through in painful compliance with God’s will. Could we begin to follow Jesus’ footsteps in the measure of faith and obedience? It is a tremendous mission to undertake. Take comfort that the pain comes with hope, enduring the hardships (being different from popular cultures, taking a stand against all things wrong, speak up to remove injustices), knowing that we spread hope, as we are in union with God. Let’s work on supporting each other in abandoning ourselves into God’s hands, to be a servant for the Lord.

The servant of the Lord