The divine working in the ordinary

Post date: Dec 23, 2016 3:13:45 PM

25 December 2016 ( The Nativity of the Lord )

[Isaiah 62:11-12] [Titus 3:4-7] [Luke 2:15-20]

The first reading gives us the reason for Christmas, the coming of Jesus in the flesh, the Incarnate Word to redeem his people. When God comes to visit his people in the flesh, he comes to make us fall in love with him again to be the Lord’s Redeemed, his sought-after and his city-not-forsaken. The second reading from St Paul’s letter to Titus speaks of the profound love of God in Jesus which transcends anything we’ve ever hoped for realistically and imaginarily. St. Paul makes it clear that the Good News of our salvation has nothing to do with commandments and laws. He says, "Not because of any righteous deeds that we have done, but because of God’s mercy." The Gospel today resonates with the theme of joy and at the same time it speaks of an encounter between the shepherds and the Christ child at Bethlehem. The shepherds knew from the angels how to find the Christ child, their encounter with him allowed God’s extraordinary grace to work in the ordinary circumstances of their lives. Let us go to Bethlehem today asking him to work in that same aspect.